ALTINBOĞA in its 64th Year

ALTINBOĞA, which was founded in 1957 by Oktay DEMİRAĞ at a small workshop in Kasımpaşa, moved in early 1965 to its Fener-Golden Horn factory, which has a covered area of 3,500 square meters.

After producing mechanical jacks and lifting equipment, various spare parts of Mercedes buses and agricultural equipment until 1982, the company got into the LPG sector with a brand-new technology in 1983.

Leading other companies in the production of LPG regulators and gas equipment, ALTINBOĞA has more than thirty patents, utility models and designs in this sector. Being the creator of insert-type regulators and single-circuit click-on valves, the company is the first organization in the sector which holds all of the TSE, NCH, ISO and CE quality certificates.

ALTINBOĞA, which produced Turkey’s first 100% domestically-made car in 1974, started producing three-wheelers named MAYA in 2000. It became the main distributor of the global Japanese giant Kubota in Turkey in 1996 and started its activities in the field of generators and heavy equipment. It continues its production activities at its 20,000 square-meter factory in the Kırklareli Organized Industrial Zone. Taking its name from the value of gold and the strength of bulls and valuing quality and trust above everything for 63 years, ALTINBOĞA will keep providing an increasing contribution to Turkey’s economy.

Our Vision
  • Being respectful and sensitive to people and environment
  • Constantly thinking about the future, improving and renewing ourselves
  • Providing employment opportunities through new investments
  • Working with the awareness that, in relation to the agreements made, the greatest asset is abiding by all the details and requests agreed upon and ensuring unconditional customer satisfaction
  • Fulfilling needs exactly with equipment that provide solutions and with modern vehicles
  • Meeting demands quickly with an approach based on principled and sincere communication and principled service.
Our Mission
  • In all fields of business, providing all the services requested from us regardless of their content, and always prioritizing customer satisfaction
  • Fulfilling customers’ requests timely and as they are requested
  • Remaining active without violating our work principles
  • In relation to the services provided, keeping perfection as the only goal and maintaining the highest level of quality.
  • Commercial principles of our company are transparency in commerce, sincerity in the commercial relations that are established, solid business knowledge and command in the work performed or service provided. ALTINBOĞA, which has achieved success and stability in business life in compliance with these principles and thanks to its business mentality focused on innovation and investments, views it as its primary goal to maintain this further.